Round 1 Print Competition

Judged by Alan Harris Well, this must have been the most relaxed competition we’ve ever had - for the entrants and audience, anyway! Alan Harris, our judge and fellow club member, took on the challenging task of, not only judging for the first time, but also judging cold - having not seen the entries before the night. Nor did he know who the authors were, while he judged them. This is a departure from our normal competitions procedure and Alan's approach was also quite novel. He took his time to consider each print before making comments and assigning marks. His focus was very much on the overall impression he got, particularly in the first few second of seeing it - less on the formal rules

Internal Evening Q&A

Internal Evening: Q&As (The Exposure Triangle), presented by Jeff Fugler & Nicky Rhodes Encouraging interest in, and knowledge of, photography is at the core of our photographic group. We have a wide rang of experience among members, from “Beginner” to “Expert”, so, where there are gaps in understanding, someone will usually have the answer. This evening was a great opportunity to use that expertise by asking questions about the basics. Jeff began with a presentation on “The Exposure Triangle”. This is a way of setting your camera up for optimum exposure. Its all about light and balance - very Yin-Yang!!! The three points of this imaginary triangle are: Aperture: the size of the hole through

Macro Madness

Macro Madness (It's a Small World), by Allan Squires On this second night of the season, we welcomed a lot of new-comers and had a good attendance for a presentation about macro photography. Allan Squires was our presenter, focussing on his passion for this intriguing, technical and sometimes challenging work. To start, Allan, gave a quick run through some of the equipment he uses, including a fast camera (10 frames per second), some well used flash diffusers, extension rings, a less-than-usfull double flash holder and a homemade ring flash diffuser! A real mixture, form top price to bargain basement! You don’t need to spend a fortune to produce good results. The first half of the presentati

New Season

Our new season kicked off this week with several new faces making up the crowd. Designed to be an informal and social evening, Vice Chairman, Alan Harris, opened the night with a warm welcome and quickly ran through the agenda. He then handed over to Nicky Rhodes (Programme Secretary) who talked through programme, pointing out highlights such as, lectures by Allan Squires, Sleepy Robot and Jeff Driscoll, amongst others. She spoke briefly about the competitions, specifically: - This season we are hosting the annual 4 nations competition. - The Safari Competition is going to be judged internally by members. - The final PDI Competition (internally judged and not forming part of the overall ro
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