Round 1 PDI, Judged by Roy Thomas

We had a fantastic 48 entries for this first round of PDI competitions. Our judge for the night was Roy Thomas, who has judged for the Club many times in the past, but this being the first time at our current venue in the bowls club. He had been presented with the images a couple of weeks in advance and as usual the scoring was out of 20. There was a good range of subjects, including wildlife, landscape, sports, portraits and street life, with several monochrome images. Roy stated from the start that he always tried to judge objectively and indeed he didn’t really let on as to his favourite subject or type of image or what he liked to photograph. He was overall impressed with the standar

Practical Evening

This week we had a practical evening with 2 lovely models - Amy and Lucy, who had kindly agreed to come and take part in our practical portrait session. We had 3 backdrop settings, black, white and a lit interior building, provided by Sue, Jo and Nicky Rhodes, along with a selection of studio lighting and equipment to enable us to work without the need for tripods and flashguns. The models, although not professional, were very enthusiastic and engaged fantastically with us, even endangering life and limb by posing on the sun bed, which had been road tested by Sue earlier, with dramatic effect! All of which contributed to a really fun evening, with us all jostling for space, spreadeagled acro

Bridgend 12 way

This is an interesting print competition that attracts a wealth of very strong clubs. The 3 lowest scoring clubs drop out of the following years competition to be replaced with clubs from a waiting list. This list is currently 3 years long. It attracts clubs from all over the country and next year will feature a club from Scotland. Nicola, Nicky, Andy and myself went along to represent the club and before the start we all agreed that given the strength of the clubs competing, if we just avoided being in the bottom 3, that in itself would be a good result for the club. Well we did much better than that and finished a very credible mid table 6th =. The standard of entries was incredibly high a
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