25th January 2018: AV Night.

Audio Visual (AV) presentations are a great way to combine photos and music in an entertaining way. Using various computer applications to display images, sometimes on a theme, overlaid with appropriate music, this can be a interesting way to demonstrate the skills of photographers. Our AV night saw several presentations from our members, Howard Williams and Gerald Marsh as well as examples from the Bridgend “5 to 3” competition. First, Howard showed us three AVs with very different themes: "The Magic of Westonbirt”, showing a beautiful light display in The National Arboretum near Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Set to “Air on a G String” this was a very unusual subject, with some difficult, night

18th January 2018: A History of Light Drawing (Photography) - by Sue Porter, (Chairman)

A wave of Nostalgia swept over me during our Chairman’s presentation evening. Sue took us back to the very beginnings of photography, with the idea of capturing a moment in time with light, technology and chemistry. She gave us a talk on the history of photography, covering everything from the greek origins of the word “photograph”, to the fact that it would take 10 years to view all the photos posted to Snapchat in an hour! She was interested to know our thoughts on the pros and cons of all the technological change that has brought us to the wonderful world of digital imagery we live in today. As far back as 1816, experiments for making an image from light, on a flat surface, where being

Brian Jennings 8 Way Battle

Yesterday the annual Brian Jennings Battle took place in Trostre with Judge Brian Coleman. Firstly, I would like to thank Trostre Club for hosting the competition and a very tasty buffet, It was such a great night and a great battle with some amazing photos entered. I am very glad I went along. I thought the judge gave very fair comments to the images and presented very well. The scores for the competition are as followed: 8th - Burry Port / Pembrey - 404 7th - Towy Valley - 405 6TH - Carmarthen - 416 5th - Abertawe - 419 4th - kidwelly - 432 3rd - Llanelli - 445 2nd - Tenby - 457 1st - Trostre - 468 Our Scores are: Bit Quiet for a Saturday Night - 78 Watching the Wedding party - 77 Spinning

4 Nations Competition. Judge - Mike Cullis

This competition uniquely involves a club from each of the four nations of the British Isles. So, we had a great opportunity to see images from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and, of course, Wales. The participating clubs were; Alton for England, Peterhead for Scotland, Islandmagee for Northern Ireland and we, at Carmarthen, represented Wales and hosted the event! Each club entered 10 images using various techniques including vibrant colour, mono and collage, with subjects ranging across wildlife, still life, landscapes and street scenes, with all manner of styles and ideas. Judge Mike Cullis began by explaining the judging process from his point of view. He pictures it like a triangle,

Vice Chairman Night

Vice Chairman’s Night 4 January 2018 Maria Pearce What was meant to be Chairman’s Night turned out to be Vice Chairman’s night as Sue was unwell, so Alan stepped in at the last minute. Alan started off the evening by taking us through some of the photo agency websites which showcase documentary or journalistic photography. There are many of these types of sites online, in particular Alan rates Magnum Pro and Lens Culture. On Magnum Pro Alan showed us some recent uploads by Martin Parr, who had a series entitled. “Advice to Documentary Photographers”. We also had a look at street photographer Nick Turpin’s series “Through a glass darkly”. Generally we felt that this was a stunning piece of wo
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