PDI Competition Round 3

The judge for tonight’s competition was Riva Pearce, Maria’s daughter. This is the second year we have used a someone to score and comment on entries for a competition that is not a qualified or experienced judge. This enables us to subject our images to a different type of critique. Riva has been an art educator for 7 years teaching art, photography & textiles to 11-18 year olds. She is currently Head of Art in a challenging school in Dagenham, East London. She completed a BA in Fine Art at Kingston University and a Masters in Painting at Wimbledon College of Art (UAL). Photography has always been at the heart of her practice as a means of documentation, recording, reference and creative

An Evening with Dennis Russ.

Our presenter for the evening, Dennis Russ, has an interest in some unusual photographic techniques - “Bromoil" and “Lith". In former years, he used this very skilful process in the darkroom, but, after a bit of a mishap with the chemicals, he now uses digital applications to produce similar effects. Just a quick explanation here - According to Wikipedia “… the bromoil process starts with a normally developed print exposed onto a silver-bromide paper that is then chemically bleached, hardened, and fixed. When the still-moist print is inked, the hardest (driest) areas take up the most ink while the wettest areas become the highlights". Dennis explained that the paint or ink is applied with gr

Practical Evening - Tabletop Photography

One of the best ways to learn and explore new ideas is to chat and experiment with fellow enthusiasts. This evening was dedicated to “Tabletop” photography, so we brought our cameras and various odds & ends to see what imaginative images we could produce. Firstly, Nicky Rhodes gave us a demonstration of how she achieved a sparkly, background effect, using side lighting and scrunched up tin foil. The trick with this was to get the focus right. Her advice is to have the main object as far away from the background as possible and a lens with a low f-stop. This should produce bokeh and make the background textured but unrecognisable, behind the sharp subject. Using off-camera flash, torches and

Print Comp Round 3

The judge for tonight’s 3rd print round was Gary Shinner, LRPS EFIAP/b EPSA AWPR BPSA. We had 37 entries for Gary to judge, a really good amount for a print competition. Gary commented that he had really enjoyed looking at all the images and that they were all of a very high standard. He gave a few helpful suggestions on how to improve some of the images. One comment was that it helps to reduce the size of an image if some if it is a little soft in places. He also stated that the mounting on the whole was very good. As usual judging was out of 20, with the lowest score being 13 and an average score of 15. Rather than just running through the images in chronological order, Gary had kept b
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