Mathew Browne - An Introduction to Travel Photography

26th April 18: Mathew Browne - An Introduction to Travel Photography Our speaker for this presentation, Mathew Browne, gave us a lot to think about; walking us through his tips and advice, as well as some wonderful images, on travel photography. Mathew’s background is in web development, but his interest in travel photography was awakened on a trip to Iceland. Over the last 10 years or so, he's developed his knowledge and equipment, becoming a semi-pro photographer in 2015 and full time in 2017. He is now involved in producing Snapp Guides, an app that helps photographers find the best locations for travel images. He showed us some of his own, amazing work and a lots of tips on improving the

Internal Evening

19 April 2018 Internal Evening Maria Pearce This week we had a change to the planned evening with Gerald and Ryan Marsh stepping in to give us a bit of a Lightroom session along with details of Ryan’s work for his degree and Masters. Gerald started off by showing us his workflow using Lightroom, users of which will know that this is where Lightroom is so useful in the way it catalogues images collections. He had first started using Lightroom as the old version of Photoshop that he owned wouldn’t convert the camera raw images from his Canon camera and he didn’t feel he could justify the cost of upgrading Photoshop when Lightroom did virtually everything that he wanted. Ryan’s use of Lightroo

Internally judged.

This competition attracted 26 prints, which were judged by all the members present on the night. Everyone was to choose the best 4 and these marks were then calculated to give us 6 best images. The subjects were varied and included mono, bright colour, abstract, wildlife, sport, landscape and transport. There were some cracking prints in this competition and we had excellent entries from some new members. So, in reverse order, the results were as follows: 3rd, “Ferrari of the Bird World”, by Alan Evans 2nd, “Outstaying My Welcome”, by Alan Evans 1st, “Grape & Grain”, by John Starzewski Because there was no external judge, we were able to give our feedback on these photos as well as enjoy a r
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