Photographing Fireworks

On Thursday we had a fascinating talk on how to photograph the elusive but spectacular light show that results from fireworks. Matthew Browne gave an extremely comprehensive review of the issues surrounding this branch of photography. Matthew is a locally based professional photographer( ) who has great skills in capturing images of travel, cityscapes, landscapes and night photography of course including fireworks. Mathew has kindly provided a copy of his presentation which contains a number of points to consider and techniques to try when we are engaged in the process of creating images of fireworks. Perhaps the most key was preparation, understanding where

Print Round 1

Print Round 1 18 October 2018 This week was the first print competition of the season, being judged by Diana Ashill LRPS. Our efforts to encourage more entries proved successful for this round with 50 images being presented. Diana was pleased with the assortment of prints presented to her. She told us that she liked to look through all the images quickly, then go back to them again at least twice, once in a very bright room and once in a room with more subdued lighting. Diana gave a quick but thorough run through of every image, giving a good critique along with some helpful hints on how images could be improved. She highlighted those prints that had been mounted well and even though bla

Critique Night

This week we held an internal evening giving members the opportunity to present images to seek feedback from fellow members, or just show off their work. We started with the prints submitted, of which there was around 10. There was a good assortment from extreme landscapes of the Grand Canyon and The Alps, light painting, some images from a few years ago and some older black and white ones back when John Evans was still using film! After the break we went on to view the PDIs with around 23 images being presented. We had one of Sue’s from Milford Haven which was taken on her phone and then manipulated using an app (Tiny Planet Maker) which gave a contorted view of the image. Images included l

PDI Round 1

The judge for this evening’s first round of competitions was Dennis Russ, a member of 3 camera clubs - Swansea, Morriston and Cymru Monochrome. With a fantastic 55 entries Dennis had a good range of images to judge and made a good start, keeping the first 3 images back to score at the end! Dennis kept up a good pace giving his critique on the images entered. His critique was concise but he gave some helpful hints and tips. He gave a wide range of scores from 13 up to 20, scoring 2 images with 20, but giving his overall favourite out of these two top scorers. As with most judges, Dennis emphasised that his scores reflected his opinion and no author should be disheartened by the score given
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