Print Round 2

We welcomed back judge Mike Clatworthy from Swansea for this 2nd round internal print competition. 50 images were submitted, so once again a good number for Mike to judge. He said that they were all of a high quality, with most of the mounting being very good, with one or 2 exceptions (John & Jeff’s tutorial paying off). However, he did not mark images down for poor mounting. He did feel that some of the paper choices did not do justice to some of the images, he felt that the choice of textured paper didn’t always help the image. Overall Mike gave a positive and helpful critique on every image, stating how it could be improved, which was mostly only by changing the choice of paper or cro

Sleepy Robot - The Return of the Robot

Outside the Black Box Back by popular demand this week were the fantastic duo from Llanelli who work under the Sleepy Robot persona. They promised us that this time their presentation would be looking behind the scenes to give us an insight into what goes into producing a body of work. Since delighting us with their photography last year Mr & Mrs Dai Brown had sadly just reached their demise and they were working on turning a garage into studio space. They confirmed that Mr & Mrs Dai Brown were no more, and that they had completed their conversion, meaning that they now had a dedicated studio space enabling them to change their whole approach to their photography and were able to in the main
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