Carmarthen Photographic Society Safari

In September of 2018 a number of members participated in an event organised by Nicola George in which members were challenged to take a series of photographs on specific topics in one day. The venue for this was the National Trust property of Dynefwr Park which contains a splendid old building, Newton House. Eight members submitted entries to the 15 rounds of defined subjects taken on what turned out to be a rather an unpromising day of weather at Dynefwr - hazy skies and the odd shower. Results were judged by members on an anonymous basis. It proved to be a bit of a mental challenge to judge which of the 100+ images (not all submitted entries in all rounds) were best in each round and to re

Print Competition, Judge: Rob Mitchell

Rob judged 35 prints and provided an entertaining and informative analysis of them for members. It was clear that Rob was an educator and used that set of skills to good effect when engaging with the audience. Rob analysed the prints as presented and did not over emphasise technical aspects of the work at the expense of composition or the author’s interpretation of an image. Only a few obvious areas of technical execution were mentioned - blown highlights and too severe cropping were the most frequently cited. Of particular note was a print entitled “the King” by AE, which scored 20 points. Rob was a little rushed toward the end of the session but nevertheless members had the benefit of a se

An evening with John Starzewski

Seems a bit odd writing a blog about myself…. Anyhow the club - or about 30 of us - went on a two dimensional journey on Thursday evening. A lightning world tour and a dip into the PhotoJurassic period. 80 slides (do you remember them? 50p per click!) represented an era of WYSIWYG, when nearly all image capture was done in camera and recorded your efforts warts and all. Sloping horizons, missed exposures and odd compositions are now a thing of the past for most of us. Some darkroom work was also included as was a look at the camera technology of the 1980’s. More recent work using Photoshop and Lightroom software was exhibited via a set of prints. The odd scanned slide or Monochrome negative
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