Members Evening

Members were invited to review entries to recent battles and competitions. Some interesting ways to process images using Lightroom were discussed and demonstrated. It was interesting to note that judges’ interpretation - or lack of it - resulted in scores for some images that varied by around three points. It would appear that titles have a substantial influence on the scores awarded by individual judges. It was also very useful to hear the intent of authors when their images were presented.

Towy Valley 3 Way Battle

Three clubs met at Cwmifor last night; hosted by Towy Valley, guests were Pontyberem and Carmarthen Photographic Society. There were around 40 people to witness that titanic struggle for supremacy ably judged by Rob Mitchell. Rob gave thoughtful and insightful comments on all of the images presented and appeared to be most impressed when effort was made to establish a mood or story within an image. Praise was given to authors who created an image using imagination and creativity. There were a good number of monochrome images submitted many of which were rather minimalist but nonetheless appreciated. Rob made an appeal to the audience to try out film cameras - WYSIWG - which he asserted st

Carmarthen Photographic Society Four way Battle

Last night four camera clubs met at the Carmarthen Bowling club for a battle of photographic talent. Ten projected digital images each from Cardigan, Newquay, Tenby and Carmarthen were judged by Gary Shiner who provided very helpful and insightful comments on the work shown. Gary reviewed the images on three different devices and made his judgements based on that insight as projection can sometimes be problematic regarding colour and brightness. He considered that images scoring over 17 would be suitable for submission into salons. There were several instances where dust spots marred an otherwise good image - it might be time to get your sensors cleaned! Final scores showed Tenby to be th
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