AV evening with Glyn Freeman

Glyn presented us with a beautiful series of AV sequences from around the world accompanied by some highly appropriate music. I have to admire Glyn's ability to get up early in the morning in order to capture some wonderful shots of sunrise. Sunset is a bit easier for most of us but the real point is that the two golden hours of the day are the best times to take landscape images. Not all of Glyns' images were from remote locations, some excellent work has been done in Wales and the lake district. Also don't underestimate the usefulness of winter shots; snow and frost add a sparkle to any scene. One over riding message to me was not to neglect cloudy days especially in the hills ( any hills

Song titles shown as never before

Popular song titles was the theme which attracted 29 entries showing a variety of approaches to the brief. There was something of a generation gap in evidence as older members submitted song titles unknown to younger members. Fear not older members, the younger member’s turn will come. Naturally there were a few duplications of title but with different interpretations; for example walking boots on sand and a teddy in wellies both represented the song “These boots are made for walking”. Also there were two versions of “Paint it Black”. What a creative lot we are! Sue gave a sterling performance mining the tunes as she presented the prints; her rendition of Jimi Hendrix on his back playing t

New Quay Four way Battle

40 prints were presented to judge Ed Cloutman who made his comments to a packed Memorial Hall at New Quay last night. Approximately 50 people were there to witness Carmarthen Photographic Society edge Aberystwyth into second place, followed by New Quay and then Cardigan. Thanks to New Quay for the buffet and organising the event. Yes we won! Sue collected our trophy. Ed’s comments have been generalised for guidance purposes, if anyone wants to hear individual feedback on their work, please ask me. So general things to watch according to Ed (who likes prints better than PDI’s) are: It’s OK to print smaller than A3, over enlargement can show faults more readily. Be aware of framing too tigh
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