Judging of the Print Competition

Members braved the rain to venture out to find out what Roy Thomas, our judge for the evening, thought of our prints. There were 38 print entries from 9 club members for Roy to critique. The prints were very varied from Woodpeckers to 'A hard Brexit'. Roy set aside 9 prints which had scored 18,19 or 20 so he could review each one later and make a decision on what scores they should have. Roy choose the following: Prints scoring 18: The Great spotted Woodpecker, Coloured Jumble by John Evans Red Kite in Flight by Allan Evans Prints scoring 19: Contrasts in Nature by Mavis Evans First light Barry Jones Floating among the clouds by Mavis Evans Prints scoring 20: Spies like us by Allan Harris Wi

A year in the life of Sheep

Roy Carr was our guest speaker for the evening. Having been a keen photography for many years Roy decided to do a photograhic project lasting a year. Roy's subject was 'The sheep farming community in the Cynon Valley'. He admitted that when he started the project he had no experience of sheep farming, so it was a learning journey for him in many ways, not only learning about the sheep, but also about the people who farmed the land. In a short space of time the farmers' markets, which were social places where farmers could meet up and discuss the livestock which was being auctioned, have mostly disappeared due to modern technology. Roy considered this a very sad situation of modern times.

Carmarthen Photographic Society

Nicky Rhodes, Caroline and John Starzewski attended the 4 way battle on Wednesday 9th October in Cardigan. Cardigan club meet at the Tower House in the Castle grounds; what a lovely building it is! The judge, Harry Gardiner, provided a very good critique of the prints, which were all of a high standard. The results were close, with Cardigan taking first place, with a score of 188, Aberystwyth was second scoring 185, Newquay third with 183 and Carmarthen fourth with 181 points. I do not know who made the chocolate cake, but it was worth going to the battle for! On club night last Thursday, John gave a presentation on photo editing. John then demonstrated the process of editing starting with a

Carmarthen Photographic Society

Sue welcomed Mike Clatworthy and members to this evening of viewing and feedback on an amazing variety of images taken by CPS photographers. Before the judging began, Sue presented Alan Fitzpatrick his trophy for the best image in the 5 way battle at Tenby Club. Mick Clatworthy, our judge for the first PDI competition of the season 2019-2020, had 36 images to critic. He gave each image a detailed feedback. Mike held back 7 images that had scored 18 and above. The final two top scores, both 20's, were chosen. Alan Evans was the photographer of both images, the 'Growling Leopard' and the 'Lesser Kestrel'. It was a close decision, but the 'Lesser Kestrel' just topped the 'Growling Leopard' as t
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