Results of the PDI competition

Roy Mitchell was our judge for our pdi's on the 28th November 2019. We could enter 2 photos in the open section and one theme pdf titled Decay. Rob did a very good critique, with plenty of feedback. In the open class: Mavis score 19 for her 'Soft Shadows' and 18 for 'mist in the flood" Mary , our new member, scored 20 with her lovely photo titled 'Rose' In the theme class, Decay: Gerald Marsh scored 18 with Ghost Train Allan Evans scored 19 with his 'Last two petals' a bit different from his big cat photos! Jo scored 20 with her ' Aftermath of the cindrical carriage.' I hope I got the right authors and the correct titles, I was a bit distracted. I will not be able to write any Blogs or atte
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