47 Entries to the PDI Competition

What a challenge this evening for our judge, Chris Warren, who had to critic 47 PDI's entries! As there was no theme for the PDI's it made it even harder to judge the wide variety of photos. I thought Chris did a very good critique, with some useful tips as feedback. The scores varied from 11 to 20. I have found a good critique on my photos is a good way to learn and helps me to try and improve my photos, although it a slow process! Below are the top scorers. The top scorers were as follows: 20 John Hefferdine with Up to the Street 20 A. Fritzpatrick with Sand Triumph 19 Sandra Baressi with Plume Moth 19 Alan Fritzpatrick with Pendine 11 19 Mary Pipkin with Kitchen Cupboard. 18 Alan Evans wi

CPS become Judges

This evening we became judges! Our task was to critique the images of East Sutherland Camera Club from Bora in the highlands and they were critiquing CPS images. We were divided into groups and handed out a list of images that we were to critique. We now know what it like to be a judge! Personally I found this an useful exercise. When we complete our photographs we sometimes do not see that awful white spot or a sloppy horizon or ask the question 'What message do we want our viewer to see'. The judges have a task of looking what would make a better picture, but not forget that a majority of club members are not experts and need encouragement to enjoy their hobby at taking pictures. It will n

Jenny Hibbert: talk on the Essentials of a Wildlife Photographer

This evening our guest was Jenny Hibbert who gave a talk on her experiences of being a Wildlife photographer. Through her photographs she explained the highs and lows of being a Wildlife photographer. Jenny's favourite position when possible for taking wildlife photos is to lay on the grass, so that she can be able to take more engaging photos instead of taking them standing up! She has even laid in the snow. Jenny explained that there were certain exceptions when she was photographing animals such as bears, although she did get an unexpected shot of a bear that was a bit too close to comfort! Jenny had some great shots of water birds, especially the Pelicans. She waited until she could find

Chairman's Evening

As to normal Chairman's night proved to be entaining, but this time our Chairman, Sue, set us all a challenge with a quiz and made our brains work overtime! We were divided into three teams and were given first a sheet of worldwide bridges that we had to name. The next challenge was to name different worldwide monuments and final general knowledge questions on photography. After much deliberation we managed to answer some of the questions and made up answers for the rest! The results were very close: First place: table 1 Second place with a tie: was table 2 and 3. Thank you Sue for all the work you did to make a very enjoyable evening and challenge our brains! Also, thank you to your helper,
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