Spring Gallery ***NEW***

Spring Gallery

Who knows how long the torrent of bad news will continue so to lighten the mood we invite you to contribute seasonal images of your own to a new club gallery that we can all enjoy.


It is just about springtime at the moment and lambing has been underway for a few weeks, flowers are beginning to show and insects are emerging.  Wow, lots to see!


Signs of new life are all around and we often miss the obvious as we are all so busy doing stuff. Well, if you spot anything out there that takes your fancy, just take a pic and share it with your fellow CPS members. There is no judging involved  just enjoyment of each other’s images.


It does not matter if you do not have a garden or even a window box, the most amazing things can be right under our noses if we take a closer look. 


Caption if you feel like it, add camera data if you like, but above all enjoy."

Member Galleries

Joanne Debenham-Ansty

Alan Harris

Andy Rhodes

John Starzewski

Jeff Fugler

Gerald Marsh

Nicky Rhodes

Nicola George

Sue Porter

Caroline Starzewski

All paid up members are welcome to have a gallery of up to 20 images of your choice.

If you wish to submit images please speak to Nicky Rhodes or email carmarthenps@fastmail.fm

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