Bluebell Kaleidoscope 

by Nicola George

Programme 2020 - 2021

PDI Competition

24th Sept 2020 (up to 3 images, Open)

Critique In-House

1st Oct 2020 (up to 2 images, Open)

3 Way Battle

The committee to select the final entries

8th Oct 2020 (up to 2 images, Open)

PDI Competition

5th Nov 2020 (up to 3 images, Open x 2, theme 'Time' x 1)

Tell Us A Story - images that are connected in some way

12th Nov 2020 (up to 4 images, Open)

Critique Images for East Sutherland CC Swap

14th Jan 2021 (1 image, Open)

A random selection will be used for entries.

The remainder will be used for subsequent critique nights.


PDI Competition

14th Jan 2021 (up to 3 images, Open)

PDI Competition

4th Feb 2021 (up to 3 images, Open x 2, ????? theme x 1)

PDI Competition

4th Mar 2021 (up to 3 images, Open)

PDI Competition

8th Apr 2021 (up to 3 images, Open x 2, ????? theme x 1)

Audio Visual Sequences

6th May 2021 (up to 4 AV sequences, Open).  This event is not judged.

PDI Themed Competiton

13th May 2021 (up to 3 images, based on the theme 'Emotion').



PDI's submitted for competitions etc. (unless specified otherwise) need to be of the following size:

1600 (on the longest side) x 1200 pixels and at a resolution of 300 dpi. 

If an image is square it should be 1200x1200.

 Sept 2020 - Dec 2020

Due to the current Covid 19 situation, club evenings will be hosted via Zoom. 

Meeting invites will be sent out each week to paid up members.

Please contact Jeff Fugler ( for further information.

Thursday 10th Sept 2020

Ed Cloutman – Bermuda Revisited

Ed Cloutman, EFIAP, Hon.FWPF will be talking to us about his return trip to Bermuda.  He was invited by the National Museum to repair a clock that he had overhauled in 2006 and to check the condition of some other large clocks; ones in clock towers that are unique to the island.  He'll also show us some of the island and its interesting features.

Thursday 17th Sept 2020

Social Evening – Invitation to CPS Facebook members

An opportunity to meet fellows members of CPS and tell us a little about yourself and your photographic interests.

Thursday 24th Sept 2020

Social Evening – Members and CPS Facebook guests

This evening is the eight way battle hosted by Tenby CC but only a small number of guest seats are available to us, so we are again having an opportunity to chat to our fellow members and guests. 


Tonight is also the deadline for entries in the PDI Competition on 22nd October.

Thursday 1st Oct 2020

Tony Worobiec – The Water’s Edge

The Water's Edge is based on Tony's latest book of the same name, which seeks to show the many photographic opportunities one can find when exploring the coast.  It concludes with some images exploring inland coastal locations both in the US and Europe.  Tony's presentations tend to be instructional and so photographic techniques will also be discussed. 

Tonight is also the deadline for entries in the Critique in-house evening next week.

Thursday 8th Oct 2020

 Critique Night – Discussion by our members

Each member may enter up to 2 PDI images for critiquing by other club members.  The author will give a brief introduction of their images to the group. 


This is also the deadline for entries to the 3 Way Battle competition on 29th October.

Thursday 15th Oct 2020

AGM  – 2019-20 Season

​An agenda will be sent out in advance.  Please take this opportunity to let us know your thoughts on how last season went and how we are doing this year.  All suggestions warmly received.

Thursday 22nd Oct 2020

PDI Competition - Gary Shinner

Each member may enter up to 3 PDI images (please refer to the deadlines at the top of this page).  Tonight’s judge is Gary Shinner, LRPS, EFIAP/b, EPSA, AWPF, BPSA from Baglan Bay PS and the category for images is Open.

Thursday 29th Oct 2020

3 Way Battle  - Hosted by Otley CC (Ad Hoc)

​We are invited to join Otley camera club for an interclub battle, along with Hastings camera club.

Thursday 5th Nov 2020

4 Way Battle

Tonight we host our interclub Battle against: Towy Valley, Trostre/Velindre, Kidwelly and Carmarthen.  The judge for this evening is Harry Gardner, AWPF of Tenby Camera Club.


Tonight is also the deadline for entries in the PDI Competition on 26th November.

Thursday 12th Nov 2020

Stu McKenzie – A Journey

Stu McKenzie has been on a journey, one that is intertwined with the migrations and journey's of nomadic tribes around the world.  Join Stu on this immersive journey from the Army to the BBC and from the Arctic to the Altai mountains in Mongolia. 


Tonight is also the deadline for entries to the Tell Us A Story evening next week.

Thursday 19th Nov 2020

Tell Us A Story - Photo Series

Each member may sumbit up to 4 PDI images that are connected in some way.  Do they tell a story?  Are they a project you are working on?  Each author will be asked to describe and explain their work to the group.

Thursday 26th Nov 2020

PDI Competition - Mike Clatworthy

Each member may enter up to 3 PDI images (please refer to the deadlines at the top of this page).  Tonight's judge is Mike Clatworthy, a member of Swansea and Morriston Camera Clubs and there are two competitions within one this evening.  Two entries under Open and one under the 'Time' theme. 

Thursday 3rd Dec 2020

Andy Kirby – Flowers & Focus Stacking

Andy Kirby, LRPS, Hon Secretary of East Sutherland Camera Club will be explaining his techniques for photographing flowers on a light box, including using focus stacking software and in the second half will talk about long exposures at the coast and inland water.


Thursday 10th Dec 2020

Desert Island Pics

​Show your fellow members a couple of photographs that you would take with you to your own desert island.  Tell us about them, why they are important to you and why you couldn’t be without them. They could be your own work or by someone else.



Thursday 17th Dec 2020

Christmas Party – Virtually

Bring your own mulled wine, mince pies, nibbles and enthusiasm to our virtual christmas party.  We will be having party games, a quizz and a good olde laugh in readiness for the holidays.  Fancy Dress optional.

Thursday 24th + 31st Dec 2020



Jan 2021 - Easter 2021

Thursday 7th Jan 2021

Chairman's Night

Our Chairman Sue Porter, will be joined this evening by Ed Cloutman EFIAP, Hon.FWPF, to talk about what judges look for in an image.  We will hold this meeting as a debate, so members can ask questions and express their thoughts on the subject, in a polite manner of course, to gain a greater understanding of the scoring process.

Thursday 14th Jan 2021

Roger Hance – 2020 New Images-Why I Switched

Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE5* will be explaining why he moved from using full frame Canon gear for 25 years to the Olympus micro four thirds system, whilst informing us of the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Roger uses examples from various subject matter: Sport, Natural History, Photojournalism, Music and more.


Tonight is the deadline for entries in the Critique Swap Night and PDI Competition on 28th January

Thursday 21st Jan 2021

Critique Swap Night – Part I

We will be critiquing the images of East Sutherland CC from Brora in the Highlands.  We will give comments on their images based on an agreed criteria but they will not be scored.  These will be reported back to them to present to their own members at a later date.  They will do likewise with our images.

Thursday 28th Jan 2021

PDI Competition – Owen Cochrane

Each member may enter up to 3 PDI images.  Tonight’s judge is Owen Cochrane SPF, and President of Inverness Camera Club and the category for images is Open.

Thursday 4th Feb 2021

Jane Lazenby – Fine Equine Art from Paintbrush to Pixels

Jane (EJ) Lazenby BA(hons) Fine Art, QTFE(2), ASEA, LRPS, CPAGE, BPE3, EFIAP, LMPA will be talking to us about her creative pathway from a traditional painter (equine portraits) to a successful fine art photographer. 


Tonight is also the deadline for entries in the PDI Competition on 18th February.

Thursday 11th Feb 2021



Thursday 18th Feb 2021

PDI Competition – Judge Alan Harris

2 x Open, 1 x Theme.  The theme is Looking Up or Looking Down.  We expect themed images to clearly show that the camera had been placed looking directly up at, or down onto the subject.  We do not want to see images with a straight-on or side-on viewpoint.For the Open category we would like to see, (but it is not compulsory) images that you might not feel comfortable entering into our usual WPF judged competitions, such as experimental work, ICM, under/over exposure or abstract.  Alan Harris will be judging and scoring this competition and will judge each image on its own merits and not against one another.

Thursday 25th Feb 2021

Critique Swap Night – Part II

We will be viewing our images that we sent to ESCC for them to critique.  We will be reading out their feedback on the images and discussing their findings.

Thursday 4th Mar 2021

4 Way Battle

Tonight we host another Battle this time against New Quay, Tenby, Cardigan and Carmarthen.  The judge for this evening is Dennis Russ of Swansea CC. 


Tonight is also the deadline for entries in the next PDI Competition on 18th March.

Thursday 11th Mar 2021

Russell Lindsay – The Composite Image

Rusty Lindsay FBPE EFIAP MPAGE considers himself to be a photographic artist rather than a photographic reporter and will photograph anything and everything that he thinks could make a good image.  He’ll explain to us why he uses composite images in his photography; some with an added element of humour and show some examples of how they are put together.

Thursday 18th Mar 2021

PDI Competition – Judge TBC

x Open.  This is a normal open competition but instead of having it judged and scored by one person, who would then present their results to us, we are sending all the images to three different judges to consider.  We will then present their findings to members on the night.  The judges will remain anonymous until the results have been reported.

Thursday 25th Mar 2021

AGM – 2020-21 Season

An agenda will be sent out in advance.  This is our usual CPS AGM including the election of Committee Members.  Please take this opportunity to let us know your thoughts on this season and any suggestions for the coming one.

Thursday 1st Apr and 8th Apr


Thursday 8th April is also the deadline for entries in the next PDI Competition on 22nd April.

Apr 2021 - May 2021

Thursday 15th Apr 2021

Lucy Jane Purrington – Creative & Surreal Portraits

Lucy Jane Purrington BA (Hons) Photographic Art, is a Rhondda based photographer who's work focuses on mental health and well-being. Lucy’s presentation on portraits will include her photoshop techniques, tips and tricks and provide ‘behind the scenes’ shots to demonstrate how the key conceptual composite images were created.

Thursday 22nd Apr 2021

PDI Competition – Carol McNiven Young

Each member may enter up to 3 PDI images.  Tonight’s judge is Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE4* from Nottinghamshire and the category for images is Open x 2 and theme Food (Still Life) theme x 1.  We expect the themed images to clearly depict food as the main subject.  It may be presented on its own, or with the appropriate container/crockery/cutlery.  It may be shot indoors or outdoors.  We do not want any themed images to include the following; drinks, people, animals, buildings or landscapes.  These parameters will be conveyed to the judge when the images are sent through.

Thursday 29th Apr 2021



Thursday 6th May 2021

5 Way Battle – New Quay

It is hoped that New Quay will be able to host their Battle with Aberystwyth, Cardigan, Carmarthen and Towy Valley that was postponed from last year.  Confirmation will be given nearer the time. 


Tonight is also the deadline for entries to our Audio Visual Night next week.

Thursday 13th May 2021

Audio Visual Evening

This is your opportunity to put your audio visual skills on show.  You may enter up to four sequences no longer than eight minutes duration and on any topic.  This event is not judged. 


Tonight is also the deadline for entries in the PDI Caption Competition next week.

Thursday 20th May 2021

PDI Caption Competition

3 x Themed.  The theme is Emotion.   The images need to convey an emotion that is clearly visible to the viewer.  They can be of a person/people or any animal(s).  Examples of emotions being happy, sad, angry, scared etc.  This competition is judged amongst ourselves on the night.

Thursday 27th May 2021

Review of the Year / Speaker

A look back over the 20-21 Season and a short speaker presentation.



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