New Season

Our new season kicked off this week with several new faces making up the crowd. Designed to be an informal and social evening, Vice Chairman, Alan Harris, opened the night with a warm welcome and quickly ran through the agenda.

He then handed over to Nicky Rhodes (Programme Secretary) who talked through programme, pointing out highlights such as, lectures by Allan Squires, Sleepy Robot and Jeff Driscoll, amongst others. She spoke briefly about the competitions, specifically:

- This season we are hosting the annual 4 nations competition.

- The Safari Competition is going to be judged internally by members.

- The final PDI Competition (internally judged and not forming part of the overall rounds) has a theme of 'Black & White'.

Nicky went onto explain that this season's programme has been designed with greater flexibility and that many of the 13 internal evenings are yet to be finalised. This means they can be tailored depending on feedback and requests from members. This could include, additional practical evenings, post production workshops, bring & tell nights, critique nights, Q+A forums etc.

Jo Debenham-Anstey (Competition Secretary + Webmaster) then gave an interactive demo of the all new club website. She requested feedback and is happy to take requests for extra info to be added. As the season progresses, so will the website, with regular updates to the blog, competition results and more photos being added. Jo also gave a quick demo of the club flickr group and facebook page.

Andy Rhodes (Treasurer) then explained the new signing in procedure, this year we have an A4 book, which will live in the cupboard. Members names are listed in the first column and people are just required to put a tick next to the appropriate date to show they attended and paid their £2. As people renew their membership, they will also be asked to completed a Contact Details form to ensure we have an up to date mailing list for paid up members.

Jeff (Secretary) then took to the stage to give a demonstration of the filters he uses in his landscape work. Questions were asked and answered collectively as best as we could. However, we are going to create some basic data sheets explaining what a stop is and the exposure triangle. These subjects will be picked up on in the next internal session in 2 weeks time, so please bring along your cameras and any further questions you have on that night.

We then broke for a relaxed tea break, which was unfortunately restricted to tea and coffee from the vending machine, as the bar was closed this week.

After tea Alan Harris finished off the evening by showing us a few website he visits to broaden his photographic appetite and to gain inspiration. He spoke about the typical 'camera club' style verses what goes on in the real world, where over exposed skies and true to eye unmanipulated images are praised and adored.

Such websites include:


Lens Culture

We look forward to seeing you all next week for a talk by Allan Squires on Macro Photography.

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