Round 1 Print Competition

Judged by Alan Harris

Well, this must have been the most relaxed competition we’ve ever had - for the entrants and audience, anyway! Alan Harris, our judge and fellow club member, took on the challenging task of, not only judging for the first time, but also judging cold - having not seen the entries before the night. Nor did he know who the authors were, while he judged them.

This is a departure from our normal competitions procedure and Alan's approach was also quite novel. He took his time to consider each print before making comments and assigning marks. His focus was very much on the overall impression he got, particularly in the first few second of seeing it - less on the formal rules of “good” composition etc. As a result, we had a lot of fun and viewed some great images, especially those held back for a second look and higher marks, of which I think there were 9!

There was a surprisingly high percentage of black and white entries - I can’t think why! But, the overall standard was good and the subjects varied from landscapes to portraits to still life/ abstract and industrial. Alan managed to put aside his mono inclinations, to judge all the entries fairly, make encouraging remarks and put forward a few ideas for improvement, besides giving us all a good laugh!

The full outcome is available on our results page, but the winner and runner up were as follows:

Winner, with 20 points “Noise Control”, by Andy Rhodes.

And, keeping it int the family, runner up, with 19 points, “Up To No Good”, by Nicky Rhodes

Congratulations and well done to Andy and Nicky for your exceptional work, and to Alan for taking on a difficult challenge and making it so entertaining. Also to our competitions secretary, Jo, for your excellent assistance to the judge!

Next week, 5th October, we have a talk, entitled “Sleepy Robot” - Mmmm, intriguing!!!

See you there!

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