Safari Results

This evening the members were judging the images from the Safari which took place back in June at the Teifi Valley railway and at Newcastle Emlyn. The brief was to take 15 different images that matched a set of pre-defined criteria.

The evening started with Sue handing out the scoring sheets to everyone and making it clear she was not in the mood for taking “no thanks” for an answer.

With all images being displayed anonymously, we started going through the various sections. An animal, Something from the shed, Something round (nobody photographed me thankfully !!!) etc. Each image was displayed twice and then members were asked to score each one out of 10. It was very interesting seeing the different interpretations and the creativity that people came up with for identical briefs and there were some very good photographs on display.

In total there were 135 images to score leading to a late break during which everybody worked furiously to add up all the scores and for the next 15 minutes the room fell silent and resembled an exam room. Nicky collated all the scores on to the computer and finally the results were in.

Jo was declared a landslide winner, that is until someone pointed out that she was miraculously scored 622 out of 150 by someone, sorry Jo.

A quick recount later and the true champions were revealed.

First place … Nicky Rhodes

Second place … Saul Symis

Third place … Nicola George

Thanks to everyone who helped make this years Safari a great success from the organisation and planning on the day to the staging of the results evening which ran like clockwork. The whole thing was good fun and very enjoyable.

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