Internal Evening, “Where to Get Some Inspiration” - presented by Nicky Rhode

Our evening was divided into two sessions; the first, a presentation by Nicky Rhodes about looking for ideas and improving skills, (and taking more photos), and the second, an opportunity for members to show and talk about their images and receive comments and advice from the rest of us.

Nicky loves nothing more than to give herself a tough challenge, pushing her knowledge and techniques in photography to improve on her already considerable skills. One of the ways she dose this is to take on variations of the 365 day challenge. The idea is to take a photo every day, for a year, on a particular subject - not as easy as it sounds!

Her first project was to take photos of, or from, her garden, before moving to Wales. The garden was small and over shadowed by huge trees, Nicky worked full time and, in winter, had little time in the light, so the pressure was really on to find something interesting and different every day. However, the results were a prime example of what you can do with a bit of effort and imagination. Another challenge saw her fixing different constraints each month of a year. So, for example, she had to produce a mono image every day for a month and then only use a fisheye lens every day for another month and so on. Again, the results were a real testament to Nicky’s skills and vision.

Here are the links to nicks 365's:

Taking on such projects are a great way to focus your mind on seeing opportunities and improving your understanding of techniques and equipment - so, why not have a go? Who is up for a challenge in 2018? Maybe pick a subject and load examples to our Flickr group to see how we can make the most of our combined skills?

I’ll throw my suggestion into the ring, with this - “Animal, Vegetable or Mineral”, so every day, I will take a photo of something that could be described by one of these words. Not too difficult, I hope, but enough to make me think, and keep my finger on that button! If anyone else has a suggestion, or want’s to join me in this, let us know on our Facebook page. Start date, 1st January 2018!

After tea, we saw some images taken by club members, giving our opinion and advice, where we thought they could be improved. This was a useful session because it let us play around with new images and to see what could be done with them - if anything. Some really didn’t need improving.

Many thanks to those who brought in their photos for this. Also to Nicky for the very able presentation of her images and for organising the evening.

Next week we have the Round 2 PDI competition - so good luck to everyone who has entered!

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