Vice Chairman Night

Vice Chairman’s Night

4 January 2018

Maria Pearce

What was meant to be Chairman’s Night turned out to be Vice Chairman’s night as Sue was unwell, so Alan stepped in at the last minute.

Alan started off the evening by taking us through some of the photo agency websites which showcase documentary or journalistic photography. There are many of these types of sites online, in particular Alan rates Magnum Pro and Lens Culture.

On Magnum Pro Alan showed us some recent uploads by Martin Parr, who had a series entitled. “Advice to Documentary Photographers”.

We also had a look at street photographer Nick Turpin’s series “Through a glass darkly”. Generally we felt that this was a stunning piece of work. Alan showed us some photographs he had taken in Edinburgh in this style.

A couple of other photographers that were mentioned as worth investigating were Sebastian Salgado and in particular his adventures at the end of the earth, where he has photographed the planet’s last undamaged places. Also “Out of Breath” by Hakan Simsek.

Alan also mentioned “Punctum” which is one of the elements to an image that Roland Barthes mentions in Camera Lucida. “Punctum is an object or image that jumps out at the viewer within a photograph - ‘that accident which pricks, bruises me.’ Punctum is the rare detail that attracts you to an image, Barthes says ‘its mere presence changes my reading, that I am looking at a new photograph, marked in my eyes with a higher value.”

After the break Alan talked us through his ideas for his major piece of work towards his Photography MA. This will focus on “Hiraeth” (no real translation to English, but likened to “homesickness tinged with grief or sadness over the lost or departed” Alan will depict through his photographs the differences between 2 former industrial areas, the Welsh Valleys and Pendeen in Cornwall. We all look forward to seeing more of this when completed.

Thank you very much to Alan for standing in for Sue at short notice and getting a good discussion going once again.

Just a reminder to everyone that the programme for the next term is on the website.

Next week, 11 January is the 4 Nations Competition. Remember to bring along prints for the Round 3 of the Print competition, to be judged on the 1 February 2018.

Links to some of the items featured above:

Camera Lucida book available through Vintage Classics ISBN 978-0-099-22541-6

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