Practical Evening - Tabletop Photography

One of the best ways to learn and explore new ideas is to chat and experiment with fellow enthusiasts. This evening was dedicated to “Tabletop” photography, so we brought our cameras and various odds & ends to see what imaginative images we could produce.

Firstly, Nicky Rhodes gave us a demonstration of how she achieved a sparkly, background effect, using side lighting and scrunched up tin foil. The trick with this was to get the focus right. Her advice is to have the main object as far away from the background as possible and a lens with a low f-stop. This should produce bokeh and make the background textured but unrecognisable, behind the sharp subject.

Using off-camera flash, torches and table lights, long, short and timed exposures, all manner of lenses and equipment as well as SLR, phone and mirrorless cameras, the room was a a buzz of activity. People stood, leant, knelt and surrounded tables with lights and wallpaper backgrounds. All the focus was on learning and creating something new; capturing bouncing beads, (well done Andy), sparkling jewels and Lego dragons, among many other things. I can’t wait to see some of the results - possibly in future competitions?

This was a fun and entertaining meeting and ideal for exploring different techniques and equipment. I was able to try out an off-camera flash and examine a mirrorless camera for the first time.

Thank you very much to Nicky for organising the evening and to everyone who brought their equipment and objects.

Next week we have “An Evening with Dennis Russ”.

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