Print Round 1

Print Round 1

18 October 2018

This week was the first print competition of the season, being judged by Diana Ashill LRPS. Our efforts to encourage more entries proved successful for this round with 50 images being presented. Diana was pleased with the assortment of prints presented to her. She told us that she liked to look through all the images quickly, then go back to them again at least twice, once in a very bright room and once in a room with more subdued lighting.

Diana gave a quick but thorough run through of every image, giving a good critique along with some helpful hints on how images could be improved. She highlighted those prints that had been mounted well and even though black mounts were not a particular favourite of hers, she commented that some of the monochrome prints suited the black mount. She also commented in particular on the image “Branches” which was in a sepia tone on a cream mount, stating that she wished more photographers used this tone.

Diana held back 4 prints for scoring at the end, with 2 images being placed 2nd - the top ranking prints were:

1st Iceberg - Jeff Fugler - scoring top points of 20.

2nd Red Houses - Jeff Fugler and

Mother & Baby - John Starzewski - both scoring 19 points.

3rd Dramatic sky before the storm - Mavis Evans, with 18 points.

Well done to these 3 authors for their excellent images and thank you to everyone for entering and giving Diana a good range of images to judge. Hopefully we can keep this up for the next print round.

Next week by popular request we have Mathew Browne giving us a talk on Firework Photography, just in time to encourage us to get out there on Guy Fawkes night with our cameras.

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