Judging of PDI Round 2

51 images were presented to Ed Cloutman for assessment. Detailed critique was given on composition and execution, the points he awarded were, in Ed’s opinion, a secondary matter.

He appreciated situations where the photographer added their own input to an image, he did not value what he called snapshots. He also advocated cloning out distractions and cropping for impact.

Lighting in his view is an essential part of creating an image. He believes that it is hard to generate an impactful image in harsh overhead sunlight, although there was one exception during the evening, an image that he appeared to like, but this was given a low score.

In sports images the visibility of eyes was seen as important, especially when taking images where the subject is wearing a protective visor.

White vignetting and wide white borders to PID’s did not appeal to him and Ed was quite critical of the Monochrome images presented, the majority he described as lacking impact and fine detail. Sepia toning did not appeal to him.

Finally he believes that titles should give the judge some idea of the subject.

1st Place - 20 points - Alan Fitzpatrick - Dirt Bike

Joint 2nd Place - 19 points:

Alan Fitzpatrick - R U Dancing

Alan Harris - Footfall

Ian Thomas - Glass City

Nicky Rhodes - Fireworks At Newcastle Emlyn

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