A Light in the Dark, Graham Harries

Graham introduced himself and some of his work as one of the finalists in Welsh National Wedding awards 2012, 13,14 & 15. Night photography is not just images of brightly lit buildings but is also an opportunity to control lighting in order to achieve some dramatic effects. Speedlights, LED lights, Pixel sticks and burning steel wool are some of the ways it is possible to achieve dramatic lighting effects but don’t forget the plain old torch!

If used carefully Speedlights in combination and remotely triggered can allow action to be frozen and offer the chance to fill in underexposed areas of your subject in images, but beware of dark patches beyond the reach of your lights if exposing for the sky; a low angle may help.

Some of the equipment used can be inexpensive - just a few pounds - yet is able to allow you to produce spectacular results.

Quick tip - super close up shots can be had by using a very inexpensive lens reversing ring and when added to imaginative lighting effects can produce remarkable results

For more inspiration check out Grahams’ website on http://gphotography.org.uk

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