Andy Leslie  - judging of CPS  digital images

The 44 images presented to Andy for judging were in his opinion the best he had seen from CPS.

Andy made a number of helpful comments on photographic technique including the management of over-exposed and under-exposed areas in some of the images. He also favoured subtle but visible keylines around some images to delineate the edge clearly.

Composition was an important underlying element of his analysis with the use of careful cropping a good tool to increase the impact of an image. There were two “Ikea” images - those he might expect to see on exhibit at that purveyor of flat pack living.

CPS members gained four scores of 20 during the evening with 3 scoring 19 and 3 scoring 18, so in total high marks were awarded to about 25% of the images presented.

Top scorers were “EDR Racing’ by AF, High tower by IT, “Llangranog Cave” by NR, “Merlin in Flight” by AE. Best of the evening was judged to be “High tower” by IT.

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