An evening with John Starzewski

Seems a bit odd writing a blog about myself….

Anyhow the club - or about 30 of us - went on a two dimensional journey on Thursday evening. A lightning world tour and a dip into the PhotoJurassic period.

80 slides (do you remember them? 50p per click!) represented an era of WYSIWYG, when nearly all image capture was done in camera and recorded your efforts warts and all. Sloping horizons, missed exposures and odd compositions are now a thing of the past for most of us.

Some darkroom work was also included as was a look at the camera technology of the 1980’s.

More recent work using Photoshop and Lightroom software was exhibited via a set of prints. The odd scanned slide or Monochrome negative had been used to capture a moment in time.

Reflecting on the exercise, it reminded me that taking photographs anchors a moment in time so as well as being seen as a serious art form by some it enables you to create your own historical record of the world as it is today.

In life there is no “rewind and replay” so do keep snapping, you may get great pleasure from your work many years later, reminding you of what you have been up to when your memory fades.

Useful names for photographers to Google: Adorama TV with Gavin Hoey and Pix Imperfect with Umesh Dina. I can also highly recommend NiK software which enables rather complex image adjustments with little effort. Have fun!



Apologies to selfie addicts, I was a bit rude about self obsession. My opinion only.

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