Audiovisual Feast

No less than eleven presentations were shown to members last night. Thanks to Alan for providing a set of speakers - that made a huge difference to sound quality.

Club members (our creative giants!) submitted a wide range of subjects from a crunchy walk in the Brecons, to a 60’s style rock band publicity shoot. Scotland had two mentions, one a travelogue the other a look at the beautiful West coast.

The Brecons made a second appearance with some atmospheric images of rural life in that area and there was a thoughtful tribute to past heroes of photography. Clearly, we all have some way to go in capturing the kind of images that past greats managed to put on film.

Family fun mixed with chainsaws and chickens featured and wildlife came in with three very viewable pieces one on dragonflies, the other two of the animal and human life to be found frolicking in Bushey Park. There was also a surreal stop motion movie, Wallace and Grommit style of a box of props coming to life. It appears that the author is still receiving medication.

It was a very enjoyable evening which ran to 9:30. More like this would, I am sure, be well received!

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