Alan breaks the Rules!

Alan posed the question 'what should photography portray'. In his view most club judges tend to focus on cloning out unwanted distractions rather than judging the impact of an image on the viewer.

Apart from a very few tweaks Allan presents a photograph as it is seen, which is what most of the well known photographers past and present do. All the construction of the image should be done in the camera. Close ups and far distant photographs can be achieved by physically moving in closer or moving further away. Altering the camera settings is also important to achieve results of the photograph.

Allan feels the most important part of taking a photograph is to capture history, emotion and a connection to the subject. This was well illustrated by the photographs of the miners and the coal mining equipment. The tight knit communities of the coal miners have disappeared all round the UK. This can be clearly seen in the Welsh Valleys.

Thank you Allan for a very interesting and thought provoking talk, I learnt a lot.

Remember next week is a battle, Photographic one!

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