The Wild Life of the Falkland Islands

Mike Cullis, from Tenby club, entertained us with a talk on the wildlife found in the Falkland Islands. These remote South Atlantic archipelago islands are shaped by the extreme weather and host to a variety of birds, fish and mammals.

Mike used photos and movies to illustrate these unique Islands. When the residents were asked if they wanted to be part of Argentina or to remain British, they voted to stay British. The Union Jack can be seen flying everywhere on the Islands. As Mike's photos showed.

The photographs Mike had taken of the wildlife, which included birds, sea lions and the different varieties of penguins were stunning. As the penguins did not feel threatened by people on the island Mike was able to get very close them. However the elephant seals, especially the males, were quite aggressive so Mike kept his distance!

Next week Gary Shinner is judging our prints. On the 20th February Nicky and Andy are giving our safari results. It will be interesting to see what everyone chose to photograph in answer to the 11 questions asked!

We are hosting on the 5th March our second inter club battle which will be against Tenby, Newquay and Cardigan. Can members please bring at least one or more items of food for the buffet. Thank you.

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