Sue Porter runs away with the 2019-2020 Safari Results

Firstly, thanks to Nicky & Andy Rhodes for organising this years safari and to Nicky for presenting the results this evening. Firstly Nicky explained what the safari is about – its in two halves, the first is answering a series of questions based on Carmarthen and the second was to make 11 images based in the town of Carmarthen. Although 10 members took part in this years event only 8 actually submitted the 11 images that were required.

In the quiz section the joint winners were Alan Harris and Sue Porter who both answered all the questions correctly.

In the 'photo' section 8 submissions of 11 images each were presented to the club members who then selected their favourite images from each of the 11 sections. The results in each section were :-

  1. Creative Selfie Sue Porter 5 votes

  2. Steps Sue Porter 5 Votes

  3. Door Knocker Nicky Rhodes 9 Votes

  4. Make us laugh Jo Debenham-Anstey 6 Votes

  5. A postcard shot of Carmarthen Sue Porter 9 Votes

  6. A Pair of shoes / footwear John Starzewski 11 Votes

  7. A B/W architectural shot Sue Porter 6 Votes

  8. Street photograph Saul Symis 5 Votes

  9. Landmark John Starzewski 7 Votes

  10. Looking up Saul Symis 6 Votes

  11. A photo of your choice Sue Porter 6 Votes

After all the results had been converted to points and added together the winners were announced - in reverse order of course :-

8th Position John Evans 12 points

7th Position Caroline Starzweski 13 points

6th Position Mavis Evans 17 points

5th Position Nicky Rhodes 21 points

4th Position Jo Debenham-Anstey 22 points

3rd Position John Starzewski 24 points

2nd Position Saul Symis 31 points

1st position Sue Porter 47 points

So, Congratulations to Sue Porter on winning this years safari, she then went on to celebrate the occasion by running two laps of honour around the room! (Sue's entries are shown below).

A special mention goes to John Starzewski with the highest scoring image of the evening with his round 6 entry (A pair of shoes / footwear - shown below) – but no lap of honour.

The order of the wooden spoon goes to Alan Harris who didn't submit his images because he couldn't find where he had put them!

Thanks again to Nicky Rhodes for her work on the club website which is looking very professional.

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