4 Nations Friendly Competition 2020

Last Thursday, 26th March, was due to be the annual evening at which the images and results of the 4 Nations Competition were due to be displayed. Owing to the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus Pandemic this meeting was not able to take place. As an alternative to the meeting I have created a video of the images and results using the information received from the clubs that would have been participating in the evening. Each of the participating clubs, one from each of the 4 home nations (Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales) submitted 10 images for the competition. The participating clubs were Island Magee (Ireland), Peterhead (Scotland), Alton (England) and Carmarthen (Wales). Judging of the images was carried out by Eddie Telford. The comments in the video are those of the judge. The judge scored the images out of 20 according to the following scheme :-

1st Place : 20 points

2nd Place : 19 points

3rd Place : 18 points

Highly Commended : 17 points

Commended : 16 points

The following comment was received from the judge - "As is this is a remote judging I thought it might be an idea to also give you copies of the images that I briefly worked on to see if the critique I gave actually worked. I know this is not normal practice and even frowned upon by the SPF but I have done a few demo nights doing this and it seems to go down great as well as being appreciated. I just added a 'b' to the titles so that when you show the images the adjusted version comes immediately after the submitted one. If you don't like this idea just delete the adjusted ones". For reasons of time (length of video and time taken to compile the video) I did not include any of the 'adjusted' images at this time.

I am sure, that had we been able to view these images together in the meeting, as originally planned, it would have been a very enjoyable and fun evening.

The link to the video (hosted on vimeo) which should display on any computer system, tablet or mobile phone, is given below :-


You will require a password to access this video which I will email to each club member as soon as is practicable. Should you like to view the 'adjusted' images it is possible to create another video with them included.

Please note, two of the images entered into the competition do contain nudity (they were not from Carmarthen).

If you do not want to know the Carmarthen Scores and final placings just yet then I suggest you click on the video link above now as the scores and final places are listed below :-

12:30 Commended 16 points

Kitchen Cupboard : Highly Commended 17 points

In Dry Dock : 15 points

Pendine 11 : 1st Place with 20 points

Red Crane : 14 points

Reflections : 14 points

Snow Leopard : 15 points

Plume Moth : Commended 16 points

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Traveller : 15 points

Up to the Street : Commended 16 points

Final Scores :-

1st Place : Alton with 165 points

2nd Place : Island Magee with 159 points

2nd Place : Carmarthen with 159 points

4th Place : Peterhead with 142 points

Congratulations To Alton on being the overall winner this year.

Carmarthen Images as submitted :-

Carmarthen Images as 'adjusted' by the judge

Personal Note: I can only comment for myself but when viewing the judges adjustments to my own image - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Traveller - I do not think he improved it in any way. Rather, his edits served only to destroy the intended aesthetic and meaning of the original image.

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