Tenby 9 way Report

The following report is based on the information supplied by our external competition secretary who attended the evening but has been amended by myself.

Tenby hosted a massive 9 way battle on Thursday evening. Despite some early technical difficulties, which is to be expected with the new technology, the evening went well. The judge for the evening was Brian Coleman. He had a tough job critiquing so many images, which he did fairly. It was Carmarthen's first competition since the lockdown and we put up a strong showing. Brian had lots of good things to say about Carmarthen entries.

It was a long night with a lot of interesting images to get through. There was a lot of creativity and interesting images on show. As expected with a wide range of clubs there was a wide variety of images, however there was a leaning toward nature images more than anything else. All of the clubs had some great images.

Carmarthen were third place going into the break but we dropped a few places at the end. However, we have had to withdraw one image which was incorrectly entered and has thus affected our final placing. Carmarthen didn't get any 20’s although we had a lot of 18’s. The judge’s scores and some of his comments are below.

  • April showers (17) - delightful image, Brian had a lot good things to say about this. He loved many parts of it.

  • Ghost Town USA (18) - nice lighting, good leading line. He felt the frame detracted from the image.

  • Growling Leopard (18) - Brian was impressed with the darkening of the background, the texture and detail.

  • Inside People's Lives (18) - amazing, “wow”. It made the judge think. Compliments to the photography for the night shot. He liked the mono

  • On The Crest Of A Wave (18) - nice backlighting, amazing colour of the water. Angle and silhouette of the surfer is great. Compliments to the photographer.

  • Still Water (16) - nice atmosphere. Good reflections. He liked the sky. Some distraction from the bush in the bottom right. A good job.

  • The Last 2 Petals (17) - reminded him of the work of Irving Penn. He loved the image. Nice detail. It gave the judge some inspiration. g

  • The Tywi Floods (16) - liked what was on show in the image. He didn't feel there was much else he would have done to it himself other than lighten some shadows.

  • Up To The Street (17) - liked that it wasn't necessarily a sharp image. Conveyed the hustle and bustle in city life. He liked the movement. The frame worked for this image.

CPS Entries for the Tenby 9 Way :-

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