Critique Evening

This weeks meeting was the second ‘half’ of a two part event, the first being held some weeks previously.

In a previous meeting (CPS become Judges - 23/01/20) we had viewed and then critiqued the images sent to us by East Sutherland Camera Club (ESCC), this evening it was our turn to receive the critiques that had been prepared by ESCC, of the images that we had sent to them.

The images sent by Carmarthen Photographic Society (CPS) and those received from ESCC had both been critiqued using a common set of criteria, these being :-

  • Composition: cropping, focal point, distractions, lead-in lines, patterns and rule of thirds.

  • Technical: focus, exposure, noise, depth of field and light.

  • Subject Matter: points of interest, emotional content, stand out from background.

  • Creativity: artistic, quality, post processing, concept, filters.

  • Impact: ‘wow’ factor, does the image draw me in, is it memorable and does it make me feel.

Each of the CPS images was displayed, alongside the critique of the image as received from ESCC being read out to the club. A short time was then given for the image author to respond and then for the club to respond as a whole.

Congratulations and thanks must be given to Nicola George for all her hard work in the organisation, preparation and delivery of the critiques made and, for ensuring that the evening was thoroughly (and sometimes humorously) enjoyed by all those present.

The images from both clubs and the critiques given will be the subject of a much longer post (currently under development) that will be made at a later date.

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