New Terrain by Ryan Marsh

On Tuesday 10th November Ryan Marsh MA gave a superb talk on the history of landscape photography with a focus on how it has changed over the years.

He showed how many of the old painting masters use the "rules" we now use for images and explained the different styles.

(Here is a fascinating fact: The term ‘landscape’ dates from the Flemish ‘landschap’. It developed as a generic term for picturing ‘out of doors’.)

Ryan covered in some depth the differences between the Sublime (Incomprehensible, Awesomeness, Vastness, Terror, Greatness) and the Picturesque (Pleasantness, Calmness, Pleasing, Roughness, Rural Idyll).

The talk covered early landscape photographers of the American West as these had a big influence on landscape photography. As well as Ansel Adams other featured artists included the Bechers and Ed Ruscha. New Topographers featured heavily in the discussion.

We thank Ryan for such an enlightening and thought-provoking session which was followed by some lively debate.

Some of Ryan's work may be seen on his website:

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