Stu McKenzie – A Journey

On 12th November we had the pleasure of hearing from a well travelled photographer, Stu McKenzie. Stu admits to being a bit of a nomad himself having moved house over thirty times! It was natural for him to explore nomadic cultures, especially in extreme conditions.

Stu commenced his career in the British Army and then moved to being a video camera man for the BBC. He covered many important events and he gave an insight into the workload of such a role when things kick off across the world!

He thinks himself fortunate to have involved himself in many cultures and is rightly proud of establishing a rapport with his subjects, some of whom are quite famous!

Stu showed us some excellent photos of his trips with the Eagle Hunters of Mongolia and the Nenet reindeer herders in the actic circle. He gave us a good overview of the difficulties facing a photographer in those places with no internet or even electricity. (He had to transport a generator to charge the camera batteries!)

Stu is now involved in a project to assist ex-military personnel to come to terms with stress via photography. He is also looking forward to commencing international workshops again. Details can be seen on his website:

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